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The gates of Kabuki-chō is the location of many host and hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs, and is often called the "Sleepless Town".


1 - A taxi with a distinct royal crown symbon heading from the Shinjuku underpass.

2,3 - Nightime Shinjuku, Toho Cinemas with Godzilla overlooking the Kabuki-chō area.

4 - Salvatore Ferragamo building at Ginza St. Shot from Ginza Six
5 - Uniqlo Store at Ginza St. with an Eye of Horus. Shot from Ginza Six
6 - Food delivery driver heading to Akihabara 
7 - A photographer overlooking Shibakoen, Minato with Tokyo Tower
8, 9 - Gundam Dock, Yokohama
10 - Advertising Truck heading through the busiest interesection in Shibuya, Shot from 12th Floor Shibuya Sky building
11 - Ginza St. at Night, Shot from Ginza Six

  • Sapporo town stretching South, a pedestrian overlooking Sosei river
  • Woman walking into Kabuki-cho
13- Man overlooking The Shinjuku crossing
14 - View from top of Inuyama Castle, Kiso river separating Gifu prefecture from Nagoya.
15 - Ikebukuro Station from Sunshine City Obvervatory
16, 17 - Kyoto Station, Kyoto
18 - A defense tower of the Kumamoto castle.
19 - Osu Shopping Street, Nagoya
20 - Tokyo Station from Kitte Rooftop, Tokyo
21 - Himeji Castle, Himeji
22,23 - Tokyo panorama with Skytree, from Sunshine City, Ikebukuro
  • Nippon-maru Ship, Yokohama
  • Gundam-Dock, Yokohama
  • Hiroshima Bomb-Dome
  • Himeji Castle

26, 27
  • Empty stalls of Senso-ji Shrine
  • Empty streets of Asakusa morning
  • Empty streets of Asakusa morning 2
  • Empty highway underpass Ikebukuro
  • Lawson in Hakata, Fukuoka

  • Temple corner in Asakusa, Tokyo
  • Empty streets around Ginza, Tokyo
  • Empty streets of Asakusa, Tokyo
  • Empty Imperial palace bridge, Tokyo

28 - Alleyway from Nakano Broadway, Tokyo
29 - Shopping Street, Kagoshima
30 - Main Shinjuku street
31 - Main Shibuya street
32 - Tokyo Tower from Shibakoen, Tokyo
33 - Hie Shrine entrance, Tokyo
  • Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo
  • Herb Garden Ropeway, Kobe
  • Osaka Castle, Osaka
  • Hakodate Tower, Hakodate
36, 37 - Uniqlo Ginza St. Tokyo

  • - Kumamoto Tram, Kumamoto
  • - Tokyo Tower, Tokyo
  • - Shinjuku Train overpass
  • - Ginza St.

40 - Tokyo Tower
41 - Tokyo Tower from Zogo-ji
42, 43 - Nakano Broadway
44 - Shinjuku Train Overpass
45 - Shibuya Crossing


46,47 - A woman with a transparent Umbrella crossing near Sentō Imperial Palace , the red leaves are a film technique called Aerochrome. 

48 - A bridge in Matsuhima Bay connecting to the rest of the small islands, which by Buddhist beliefs were a sample of paradise.

49 - A woman with pink umbrella in Sentō Imperial Palace, also known as the moss palace.

50 - Morioka City, considered #2 spot on the New York Times "52 Places to Go" , looking towards Mount Iwate.

51 - Mount Iwaki in the distance over the rice fields, next to Hirosaki, an active volcano, from the train ride between Aomori and Hirosaki.

- Kyoto Temple in the Rain, where the art of flower arrangment, Ikebana comes from.
- Matsushima Bay Bridge.

 - Red Leaves in rainy Kyoto
 - Red Bridge in Hirosaki, next to the keep.

54- A storm approaching Hakodate, tower that overlooks the hexagon shaped fort

55 - Top of Yamadera, temple moutain, 1,015 stone steps that lead to the summit, with various temples on the path.

56 - Miyajima Island with it’s prominent Itsukushima Jinja (Shrine) gate, the entire island is considered sacred. Itsukushima translates to "island dedicated to the gods.", no births or deaths are allowed, before the normal pier was built, aproaching by boat via the red gate was the only official way to enter the Island.

57 - Beaches of Izu, Shizuoka.

 - Graves and Lanterns of Yamadera
 - Briges surrounding Hirosaki Keep, Sakuras surround it.

 - Temples of Yamadera
 - One of the outlooks from Yamadera to the nearest towns


60, 61 - A Shrine Maiden, crosses a rainy day, Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya.

62 - A shinto monk, crosses the winding path in Nara

63 - A woman studying, next to Hokkaido University's Campus in Sapporo, amongst the vast Ginkgo grove.

64 - A bride dressed in Shinto tradional dress, with a headpiece called Tsunokakushi, meaning horn-hiding.

65 - A police on Yamaha FJR1300P overlooking the area around the main Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

 - A deer in Miyajima, waiting for food at the shop
  - A deer in Nara, waiting for food.

  - A boy, catching bugs in Benten Pond, next to Hoshuin Temple, just by Tokyo Tower
  - A man crossing Chion-in Temple on a rainy day.

 - The final day of May 2023 Sumo Tournament at Ryugoku, the current Yokozuna can be seen in the black mawashi, on the left. Pre-fight presentation of each competing wrestler.

 - Two sumo fighters ready for the fight, 4 refeers watch from each direction, plus the one in the middle. Cameras are also used to give a more informed decision in case there are doubts.

 - Sumo wrestler, going for the neck as pushes are allowed at any body part, punches are not.
 -  Pre-fight presentation of each competing wrestler, in another final day round bout.

70 - A maiko on the left (geisha in training) a geiko (geisha from Kyoto), and Mama-san, according to the head decorations we can determine the month of the photo, also the bottom of the belt represents the training house. Geikos/Geishas have to shave their had completely to mantain a full white makeup wearing wigs, Maikos, retain their hair, altough still require extensive care. Mama-san does the introductions between tea houses and the girls

71 - Shinto Monk, in Nara, heading away from the main tourist area.

  - Shrine Maiden in Aomori

Temples & Shrines